Is Being Able To Pay For Your Own Sober Living Program Important?

One of the biggest struggles of living a sober lifestyle is affordability. Living without the support of others, as well as having to pay for everything from transportation to eating out can be very expensive. Thankfully there are a growing number of companies stepping up to offer solutions for those looking to live an affordable sobriety lifestyle. These programs can help you afford your own place, and stay there without depending on other people for financial support. Our article focuses on the top 5 reasons why being able to pay for your own sober living program is so important…

What Is A Sober Living Program?

Sober living programs are residential programs that provide housing and support for people who want to live a life without alcohol. These programs are often focused on helping people who are looking to get sober and find a new, sober living environment. Most sober living programs are run by non-profit organizations. You may be required to pay a modest monthly fee, or you may be able to pay on a sliding fee scale. You’ll usually have a choice between shared living arrangements, or living alone.

Why Is Being Able To Pay For Your Own Sober Living Program So Important?

As we’ve outlined above, many employers today offer financial assistance for those looking to live without alcohol. If your employer offers this benefit, then you’re already a lot closer to being able to afford your own place than if you have to rely on a family member to sponsor you. Having the ability to pay for your own sober living program is also an extremely important factor in your ability to stay sober. Without being able to pay for your own program, you’re going to have to come up with some way of either paying back the person who helped fund your sobriety (often via monthly payments), or earning enough to afford the program yourself. This often requires working a full time job, which can halt your recovery. Additionally, if you have a low paying job and have to pay for your own sober living program, you’re going to have a very difficult time staying sober.

How To Find A Sober Living Facility

First, you’ll want to figure out if there is a program that you’d be able to pay for on your own. This can often be done by visiting the website for your local non-profit sober living organization, as most of these places will have information about their programs on their website. Next, you’ll want to search online for sober living facilities in your area. There are a number of websites that are dedicated to connecting people with sober living programs, including:

Who Offers Sober Living Programs?

There are a number of different organizations that offer sober living programs. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Non-Profits: Many non-profits offer sober living programs. The most popular ones are likely to be those that operate a specialized program for those who want to get sober while living on their own. Some of the most well known non-profits that offer sober living programs include Sober Living America and Alcoholics Unanimous.
  • Religious Organizations: Many religious organizations have sober living programs that they run. These are often run by local churches, and are often free or extremely affordable.
  • Private Residences: A few private residences also offer sober living programs, often as a part of a private home for sale or rent. Some of the most well known private residences that offer sober living programs include Quail Hollow and Casa de La Selva.

Pro Tip: Don’t Let Location Stop You From Finding A Sober Living Program

In most places, the closest sober living facility to you will be located in a central location. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to live in that city or town. You can easily pick up and move to a different city if you find a nearby program that you can afford. This is important to remember, as you don’t want to be stuck in a location that doesn’t allow you to easily access your program or others you care about. Many sober living programs will allow you to move to a new location as long as you can make it work with your schedule. This can be a huge benefit if you have family you want to spend time with or if what you’re doing is too far away from the program.

Final Words: Where Do You Find These Programs?

In order to find a nearby program, you’ll want to visit the website for your local non-profit sober living organization. This will often have a link for finding programs in your area. Once you find a nearby program, you can then visit their website to learn more about it. We can also help you find information, give us a call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 732-392-7311.

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