12 Reasons Why A Drug Program Could Be Just What You Needed

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably never been in a drug program—and that’s probably just fine. However, since you’re reading this, there’s a chance that you have come across this article because of an underlying reason why drug programs might be right for you. In other words, it’s not the entire picture. Here are some common reasons why drug programs could be the perfect fit for you.

You Need Ongoing Support

You feel that in order to succeed with your recovery, you’ll need support. Perhaps you’ve had a difficult past or have struggled with issues related to substance abuse. Regardless, you feel that you will get the best results from your drug program if you have ongoing support. Most drug programs offer a variety of types of support, including but not limited to: individual counseling, group counseling, meetings, treatment services, family support, pet support, or other supports as needed.

You Want to Be Close to Home

You may have family members and/or friends who are open to your entering a drug program, or perhaps you have a support system at home ready and willing to help if you enter a drug program. While in a drug program, you might prefer to live elsewhere rather than at home with your family or friends. Why? For one thing, you might want to avoid an environment that you associate with past problems related to substance abuse.

You might also feel more comfortable in a new environment, especially if you’re new to drug abuse and that’s why you’re entering a drug program in the first place. You may want to consider looking for a drug program that is close by but that isn’t the greatest “fit” for you. For example, you might prefer a drug program closer to home, but you might want to avoid the program for other reasons. You might also want to consider a drug program that is outside your city but is close enough so that you can afford the transportation.

You Need Concrete Goals and Timelines

You need goals. With no goals, you are likely to end up where you are today. You want to be sure that you have concrete goals for your recovery and timelines set to reach those goals. Maybe you want to get sober and stay sober, or perhaps you want to become more confident around others, including your family members and/or friends. Whatever your goals are, you need to have them clearly outlined in order to have a realistic chance at succeeding in your recovery. Drug programs often have goals and timelines set in place to help recovering individuals get to their goals. The majority of drug programs set a timeline of 12 weeks or longer. This timeline provides time enough to achieve goals and may also allow you to receive other services as needed.

You’re New to Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation

You’ve never been to a drug program before and you’re new to drugs. Perhaps you’ve recently became addicted to drugs, or perhaps you’ve only been abusing drugs for a short time. Whatever the case, you’re new to drugs and you want to get help as soon as possible. You might feel that only a drug program can offer you the level of care and support you need. Newer generations of individuals are struggling with substance abuse problems at alarming rates. It’s important to note that this new generation of individuals might be new to drug programs. If you’re among this population, you might feel like a drug program is your only hope.

A Drug Program Offers a Variety of Therapies and Supports

You’re hoping to get better, and you want to do so with a variety of therapies available to you. Perhaps you’re hoping to receive counseling, support groups, health services, or other therapies. A drug program is often the best option for you because it offers a variety of these services. You may feel that a drug program offers an exceptional variety of therapies. This is true because most drug programs often integrate a variety of therapies, including but not limited to:

  • Individual counseling – This can be one-on-one or in a group setting, if needed.
  • Group counseling – This can be a 12-step program or others, if needed.
  • Mental health services – This can include but not be limited to counseling, therapy, or medication as needed.
  • Medical services – This can include but not be limited to testing for STDs/HIV and other medical services, as needed.
  • Other – This can include social activities and other activities as needed.

Summing Up

During this time of substance abuse, you’re hoping to turn your life around. You might have gone through a rough time in your past that has led you to today. Perhaps you’ve experienced a loss, such as the death of a loved one, and you feel that this has made you want to use drugs and alcohol more often. There might also be other underlying reasons why you feel that a drug program is right for you. Regardless, you need to remember that recovery is possible. You may feel like no one understands you and your struggles, but this is simply not true. Recovery is possible, even for those who feel hopeless, alone, and unable to ever change. If you’ve come across this article, you’ve likely done so because you want help. You might feel that a drug program is the best option for you.

If you want to get clean and sober, you must seek help. There are 24/7 resources and support available. By accessing these resources, you can get the help you need in order to achieve lasting recovery.

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