What is it like to live in a halfway house?

The decision to become clean and sober is one you must make on your own. When you finally decide to take that important leap, rehab will be your next obvious step. There are many different types of rehab facilities you can choose from when you are ready to give up the alcohol or drugs, such as inpatient and outpatient centers. However, what will you do once your rehab stay is complete? Can you go back to your normal, everyday life? If you think you’ll still need assistance with your addiction, a halfway house will be your best bet.

What is it like to live in a halfway house? Is it easy or hard? You probably have many questions concerning what happens in one of these homes. Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you start living in a halfway house.

Why addicts choose to live here

A halfway house, also known as a sober living home, is a transitional living space that many addicts choose to live in when they are done with rehab. You may not want to go back to your normal circumstances right away, or you may need some time to get your life back together before you move on. A halfway house gives you the chance to live in a somewhat structured environment while you learn to navigate the outside world without the use of alcohol or drugs. This type of environment gives you the structure and discipline you may still need while allowing you to work, go to school, or take care of other responsibilities.

What can you do while staying in a halfway house?

While a halfway house still has some of the same rules as a rehab, you will have a lot more freedom while you stay in one. You’ll be staying with other addicts who are getting back on their feet and learning to navigate the outside world. You’ll be responsible for keeping your room clean and keeping up with your assigned chores. If you have a job lined up after rehab, you’ll be permitted to leave the facility to work. In some cases, you may have to abide by a curfew. You’ll also be allowed to leave for school and other responsibilities, such as appointments or time with family. Even though you must follow the rules when you want to continue staying in a halfway home, you’ll find that the environment is much more flexible than when you were in rehab.

What are the main rules of a halfway house?

While living in a halfway house will not be as strict as rehab, you will still have to follow some simple rules while you are there. The most important one is that you are not permitted to use any type of substance while you are a resident. You may be subject to random drug tests and breathalyzers while you are there to make sure you are not using. If you are caught using, you will likely lose your place in the home.

You’ll also be responsible for keeping your room clean and neat while you are there. If you have your own bathroom, make sure to take care of it as well. Many halfway homes assign certain jobs to each resident that they must take care of on a daily basis. This may include cleaning the common room, taking out the garbage, kitchen prep work, communal bathroom cleaning duties, and more. Everyone is expected to pitch in and help while they are a resident.

Halfway house rules

While every halfway house environment will be slightly different, the goal for each one will be the same- ongoing treatment. The rules for a halfway home will include:

• No stealing
• No destruction of property
• Adherence to all curfews
• Ongoing sobriety at all times
• Contributing to the upkeep of the halfway home
• No violence towards other residents
• Attending all halfway home meetings
• Continuing to work toward independence by finding and keeping a job
• Looking for living arrangements outside of the home

How long can I stay in a halfway home?

How long your stay is will depend on a few factors. In most cases, you are allowed to leave the halfway home whenever you decide you are ready to move on with your life. If you have been ordered to stay in a halfway home by a judge, you may be there for a few months or more. Your counselor or therapist will be able to help you figure out how long you need to stay.

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