What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes are safe and supportive residences where recovering drug and alcohol addicts can live following hospitalization or rehabilitation. A sober living residence aims to help people make positive behavioral changes that lead to recovery from addiction. Many drug-addicted individuals who have finished rehab face the difficult decision of where they will stay upon release. Some will opt for the possibility of returning to their old environment, which often has an unhealthy and toxic living situation. These are some of the reasons why sober living homes are important.

Learn Life Skills

Recovery is not only about getting sober. It is also about living a successful life. People want to live their lives in sobriety and avoid relapse. Sobriety is a process that takes time and hard work to maintain, which means the sober living home resident will constantly be working on new skills and learning ways to help themselves avoid relapse. Recovery resources are often difficult to find when one first gets out of rehab. Sober living homes help addicts learn life skills on how to budget their money, pick up new interests and hobbies, and use relapse prevention skills such as positive self-talk in times of setbacks.

Reduce Re-Petition

It is well known that repeat offenders of drug addiction are common. Reducing the number of re-offenders is the goal of sober living homes. Many recovering addicts will return to their home environment after rehabilitation, where drugs and alcohol are still available within their circle of influence. Sober living homes help addicts avoid the things and people that trigger their relapse, and this helps a lot in actually staying sober and moving on with their life. Living in a sober living home may be the only way for many recovering addicts to manage to stay sober after rehabilitation.

Help Them Get Out of Debt

Drug and alcohol addiction can destroy lives and leave addicts owing thousands, if not millions, of dollars in unpaid debt. The solution is often to declare bankruptcy which haunts the rest of their financial lives. Sober living homes provide a place where addicts can live. Most sober living homes will help addicts by helping them find a job and one that pays well. The rent for a sober living home is usually much cheaper than an apartment, so this, in turn, helps addicts pay off their credit card debt.

Encourage Drug Testing

Many drug addicts suffer from denial and lie because they cannot face the truth that they are addicted. When addicts stop lying to themselves, they can begin to heal the root cause of their addiction and improve their chances of lasting recovery. Some sober living homes have a policy where all residents must be tested for illegal substances at least once a month. When this happens, addicts are less likely to relapse because they know that they will be caught and kicked out if they do.

Help People Find A Job

Finding employment is one of the biggest challenges for many drug addicts. Since addicts are less likely to have a job, they often fall into poverty and debt. Rehab can be expensive, even with insurance, and the longer people stay in rehab, the more money families must pay. Sober living homes help to recovering addicts learn new skills, find vocational training through programs such as AA meetings, or find employment so they can start paying off their debts while staying away from drugs and alcohol.

In conclusion, sober living homes provide a safe environment for recovering addicts to overcome the emotional, physical, and financial challenges that often come with addiction by offering them a supportive and sober environment.

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