How To Choose The Right Sober Living in New Jersey When You Have Alcohol Problems?

When you’re looking to recover from your addiction to alcohol and obtain sobriety, it can be challenging to do it alone. Sober living facilities can provide you with the right resources and professional help to make it easier to turn your life around and recover from an addiction. There are a variety of different sober living facilities available in New Jersey to ensure you become equipped to get through your challenges.

The type of sober living facility you choose to enroll in will influence how much success you achieve when overcoming substance abuse. Although there are a variety of facilities available in the local area, they can all differ in their approach. It’s important to know how to choose the right sober living facility in addiction for your alcohol addiction.

Thorough Records

Many people don’t give enough thought to how organized and thorough sober living facilities are when they’re looking for the right place to enroll. It’s important to find an establishment that has standard admission protocols and admission requirements to ensure they’re reputable. Look for a location that has requirements for their residents, which includes agreeing to attend 12-step meetings throughout the week.

Residents should also be capable of performing routine activities, which include bathing, getting dressed, and consuming meals without the assistance of other people.

They should also be able to connect the residents with other programs once they return home to make it easier to have accountability and remain sober long-term.

Look Into the Cost

One of the most important parts of finding the right sober living facility is enrolling somewhere that you can afford. This will ensure you can afford the services.

Avoid enrolling anywhere that says their services or free or that they’ll pay you to enroll in their program, which can make you a victim to scams.

If the facility is out of your budget, it’s important to inquire about any financial assistance or scholarships are available. Each facility differs in its requirements, making it necessary to get the information in advance to ensure you can plan accordingly.

Clean and Maintained Facilities

It’s important to visit the establishment in advance to get a firsthand look at the quality and conditions of the facility. It should be clean and maintained well with enough space available for the residents that are currently enrolled. Look for a location that is clean and tidy, has a working kitchen and bathrooms, well-lit rooms, safe sleeping quarters, and repairs that aren’t needed on windows or doors.

Avoid relying on the pictures on the establishment’s website to make your decision. The photos can be fake, outdated, or edited. When you enroll in a sober living facility, you want to be safe and comfortable to ensure you can focus on working towards sobriety.

Conduct Thorough Research

You’ll need to spend some time researching each facility in advance to ensure they’re credible and are established in the industry. It’s important to confirm that they’re accredited and licensed to ensure they’re qualified to provide you with the services.

The location should have a strict no-tolerance policy towards drugs or alcohol as a way of protecting its residents. This will ensure you can avoid the stress of relapsing. All of their rules and regulations should be clear and agreed to by their residents before anyone begins their first day at the establishment.

The rules should include having a curfew, the social activities that are planned, random drug testing, and accountability with professionals or sober coaches.

Your research should also include learning about the staff because they’re one of the main factors that can influence how well residents overcome alcohol addiction. They should keep their residents accountable for their sobriety, live on-site or provide peer guidance, and have a good staff to resident ratio. Some of the team members may even be recovering addicts themselves, which can allow them to be better equipped to take on some of the challenges that you face at the facility.

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